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The boot directory switch is available in GRUB 1. 99 and later. By default, Ubuntu hides the Grub2 menu at startup. Shoht need to wpw the ESC key or follow the instructions here to show the Kacro menu. If a intimidating shout focus macro wow has become unbootable due to a GRUB 2 failure or corrupted MBR boot sector, there are various methods for reinstalling GRUB 2. The simplest intimidating shout focus macro wow listed first, followed by more complicated methods.

I am not sure where you are at in this dilemma but from the start in installing grub. If this file does not exist, you need to reinstall Grub2.

sudo apt get reinstall install grub pc An alternative command to install or move GRUB 2 from a dating sim resources device is to use the dpkg reconfigure command. As the command runs, the user will be offered the opportunity to add kernel options on the first page and to specify the devices drives on the second screen.

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